I've found this on a fashion blog, and the blogger came across this illustration of designers’ signature eyeliner looks from the spring 2012 fashion show.  I've looked everywhere tr...

The best eyeliner techniques for every eye shape.

The Ultimate Shoes Vocabulary Part 1

Who hasn’t had those mornings where they wake up, drink some coffee, look in the mirror, and think, “Damn, I look exhausted.” Not getting enough sleep does more than just make you feel really run-down – it makes you look really run-down too. And while no woman should be expected to look bright-eyes and bushy-tailed … Read More

Escoge el estilo que más te guste entre los icónicos delineados de estas ocho estrellas

The ultimate female collars fashion vocabulary by briana


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Simple Eyeliner Tutorials for Perfect Eyeliner Looks by Makeup Tutorials at

The most classic and iconic eye makeup look has to be winged eyeliner or the cat-eye. Everyone's got their own unique way of doing their winged liner but a lot of people have some issues with getting their line down straight and even. Today, I'm going to share my three customizable techniques to complete your own perfect winged liner look. The first method is the classic scotch-tape method (stick the tape onto your skin first and then to your eye to decrease the amount of adhesive tha...

Make Up Guide: Lipstick Palette for Every Occasion | Carolynn's Stuffs

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Sharpen your eye makeup skills with No7 eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner and this how-to guide for a brighter, bigger look.

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Fashion Vocabulary Collars and Cuffs -- For character descriptions

Not all stripes are created equal. | 22 Fashion Infographics You Need In Your Life

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the ultimate pattern fashion vocabulary

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