Sharpen your eye makeup skills with No7 eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner and this how-to guide for a brighter, bigger look.

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Conhecer seu tom de pele te ajudará a construir uma paleta de cores que funcionará para você.

They make it look so easy

Looking for a graphic eye look to rock this summer? Whether it’s for a wedding look or girls night out, Maybelline has a liner look for you. Follow these three easy steps to create the perfect bold cat eye. Check out the MNY Liner Gallery for a more detailed video tutorial along with our full range of tutorials and inspirational looks that are guaranteed to help you learn to create with ease no matter what your liner level.

Contouring and highlighting is the best way to make your facial features stand out. Easy conturing tutorials don't come around very often, but our DIY tutorial is the best guide you'll find for making your makeup and beauty game its very best for your face shape.:

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Contouring & HighLighting

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Para fazer uma maquiagem perfeitamente linda.

What shape eyes do you have? I have almond eyes #kimbalikes

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What eye shadow color best compliments my eye color? My talented friend KB shares all the tips!

NEW MAKE UP INSPIRATION by vegas_nay #beauty eyebrow brow guidance - fill and shape - makeup

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