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My Digital Escape's new video Johnnie and Alex are officially dating! cx

Sup? I'm Johnnie...and I'm definitely a rebel with a record...and a very, very, very small soft side. 18, single, and crazy. Introduce? (mean)

Johnnie<< haha I have this screenshot in my phone

New video out on my YouTube with @piercethealex where we React To Dan And Phil link in my bio to that video :)

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Johnnie//I sit down pulling my knees to my chest and crying softly. My step dad had just beaten me. My glasses lay broken. I look up at a blurry figure

Tyler Hagen - Szukaj w Google

Johnnie Guilbert // Alex Dorame

Tyler Hagen - Szukaj w Google

▶ New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial! - YouTube

Johnnie Guilbert <3

What were you for Halloween?

Omfg Jeydon Wale is bae. THE WALLLEEEEE :D And this is yes. Don't touch my food. Don't...

tyler hagen

Johnnie!! :3

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((Johnnie✌)) I grin and wave "Hey, its Johnnie! I'm single. I'm a YouTuber. I used to be in My Digital Escape, but that's another story. I love animals and making people happy! I used to have depression, but I got over it. I'm recovering from my anxiety, but it's going well. Come say hi!"

Johnnie and Alex <3

Johnnie and Jordan ^_^

Jeydon Wale, Bryan Stars, Johnnie Guilbert, and Jordan Sweeto- My Digital Escape