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5 different brow looks featuring L'Oreal Brow Stylist eyebrow makeup products: Shape & Fill for shaped brows, Frame & Set for dramatic brows, Definer for defined brows, Kabuki Blender for full brows, and Designer for natural brows.

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Permanent makeup eyebrow styles

This makeup brush guide shows 15 of the best Vanity Planet makeup brushes, including how to use each type of makeup brush

Here’s a color combo chart is great if you need a little inspiration. | 18 Eye Makeup Cheat Sheets If You Don't Know WTF You're Doing

As a general guide, the head (A) of your eyebrow should line up with the outer edge of your nostril and the tail (C) should line up diagonally with that nostril.

Use an angled brush to create the line then gel liner and mac 211 brush to fill it in!

Beauty pro tip from Nordstrom: How to fill your eyebrows. Brows are the frame of the face and with a little filling and shaping, can complete an entire makeup look. Follow these 5 easy steps for the perfect brows.

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We’ve all been there — that horrifying moment when you realize the waxing lady took too much off your eyebrows, or when you accidentally pluck a group of hairs you did not want to remove. Sure, knowing how to properly fill in your eyebrows can make all the difference in your makeup routine, but if your brows are a mess to begin with, there’s only so much you can do with gel, powder, etc. Follow these hacks to learn how to groom & shape your brows to perfection

First of all, figure out what you’re working with. | 17 Genius Tricks For Getting The Best Damn Eyebrows Of Your Life

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Now, for the specifics. The eyebrow type you have will determine your grooming details.