Everyone will assume that you are a city girl if you like to read fashion magazines, and no one will...


I've found this on a fashion blog, and the blogger came across this illustration of designers’ signature eyeliner looks from the spring 2012 fashion show.  I've looked everywhere tr...

20 Genius Concealer Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know - Life-changing ways to cover pimples, under-eye circles, blemishes and more

Ok, so I finally figured out why I look terrible with most of the eyeliner experiments I do on myself--I have hooded eyes and need to try a different way of doing it

Lipstick colors for ur skin tone

How To Draw Eyeliner With a Spoon...hmmm...this could be useful for all you ghetto people ygm

Never let your winged liner make you late for work again.

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Colorful eyeliner

Infallible Total Cover Color Correcting Palette. Neutralizes discolorations & imperfections and works across all skin tones.

Pessoas quem não sabe passar lapis, aprenda vale a pena

Eyebrows are one of the most important features that you have as they are necessary to frame your face whether you’re wearing makeup or not. In order to make sure that you always look your best, you should take the time to sufficiently take care of your eyebrows. Below are some important tips to take …

We love contouring, but you're likely to get the best Instagram-worthy result if you contour according to your face shape. Follow our simple guide to find out just where you should contour based on your unique facial features.


How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller-13 Steps

Define your face shape before doing contouring. #makeup #contour- must learn how to contour!!! More


Top 5 mascaras from L'Oreal Paris: new Lash Paradise, Voluminous Original, Million Lashes, Telescopic, and Butterfly.

Пошаговый макияж для светлых глаз | thePO.ST

Winged Eyeliner