Rainbow avatar makeup for Halloween

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Alien Girl by xfufflymomox

Colorful sparkly blue glitter make-up with crystal enhancements.

Love love LOVE this #galaxy #makeup <3

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Halloween Makeup

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Mujeres joyería conjuntos: collar pulsera pendientes. Hecho

Tiny green sapphire ring in 14k yellow gold. The sapphire in this ring is natural gemstone- Earth mined, not synthetic or lab created. The stone and the stone setting measures: 4.7mm X 3.6mm The shank measures 0.9mm This ring is handcrafted by Me in my studio. In the back I ca...

Azul que precisamos

Neytiri satisfying another alien in my crush tree

avatar movie | ... you through the process of making a Na’vi from the AVATAR movie

Fantasy / Fantaisie ‹ Steph Miramontes ArtSteph Miramontes Art

by Lowdown Art (close-up) - London, UK - June 2014

Just like anything else in the beauty world, Halloween makeup trends come and go. This year, the most popular Halloween beauty looks seem to be deer, unicorns, Snapchat filters, skeletons, and galaxy makeup. I love all of these options – they are all unique and gorgeous in their own way! – but my favorite has to be the galaxy makeup. I can’t talk about the embarrassing amount of time I’ve spent lusting after these magical looks on Instagram and Pinterest.

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For all you fans of the movie #Avatar - James Cameron is making three sequels! "2016, 2017 and 2018?!?! Sheesh! At least they'll be released in quick succession once they are FINALLY released". - "IMDB, as of May 2016 - The release dates have been pushed back again...sigh. 2018, 2020, 2022..."

Galaxy Makeup Looks And#8211; Creative Makeup Ideas for Extraordinary Girls ★ See more:

My talented daughter & her Galaxy makeup @zaynerd

Deer makeup. Potential Halloween costume?

silla intervención en acrílico, via Flickr.SILLA-MARIA JUANA BOTERO Personalizadas, cada silla es única, me inspiro en quien la compra PRECIO: U$ 500