Try these simple steps to achieve naturally gorgeous eyebrows.

Determine Your Face Shape To Help You Contour & Highlight. Awesomeness!!!

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17 Genius Tricks For Getting The Best Damn Eyebrows Of Your Life

How to create natural brows for blondes

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16 Eyebrow Diagrams That Will Explain Everything To You

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Brow Tip

Visual guide of how to find what eyebrow shape to choose based on face shape. Infographics covers all common face shapes: oval, long, round, square, heart and diamond.

Perfect eyebrows!


This exclusive brow pencil has a smudge proof formula which contours, colors and defines the brows like an Egyptian Goddess. A daily staple for perfect arches, it has a Wax based long lasting formula

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How To Do Eyebrow Threading At Home

Two easy steps to fuller, natural looking brows using the Maybelline Define and Fill Duo! First, use the micro tip to define the lines around the brows. Next, use the powder side to fill the eyebrow for natural looking fullness. Want to find your perfect brow? Click through to try the Brow Play Studio by Maybelline!

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Eyebrow Tutorial: Finding The Right Brow Shape For Your Face

The holidays are a busy time of year, and you may not have all the time in the world to perfect your makeup and hair. Or, you may not have time to go replace that die-hard product you ran out of. Well that's where this list comes in handy! Here are some...

A bold eyebrow isn’t only on trend, it automatically helps you look more pulled together – and it’s easy to do! STEP 1: Brush eyebrow hair upwards with an eyebrow brush or spoolie. STEP 2: Use a brow powder or pencil to define the lines. STEP 3: Add depth and fill in gaps with light upward strokes for a natural look – never drag back and forth. STEP 4: Add a touch of highlighter or concealer right beneath the brow bone for an open-eyed look.

Mink esquido lashes

Here are some helpful tips for making the best of your BROWS!

When filling your brows, don’t make them a single, consistent shade from end to end. Eyebrows in their natural state are lighter at the inner corner (where the hairs are thinner) and get darker towards the “tail” end; mirror this with your makeup to avoid a harsh look.

Ever wonder how all those Victoria’s Secret Angels always look so flawless?  Simple, yet stunning eye makeup is key!  I guess ridiculously good genes and killer legs wouldn’t be too …