This will probably be my child one day lol

The movie Seventeen Again, one of my favorites.

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Spongebob and Patrick

Right she back there like "mmmhh I'll take him, meet me outside after this boo."

When you get that random shiver for no reason gif

Will and Maturity | Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Never sass your mother unless you can laugh at the consequences. Lol

I want to go to these schools!

The one who makes it hard wishes you good luck. Thats Satan, alright.

Expectation vs. Reality - I don't mind reality

In the realm of splurging and saving, you can have it all if you play your cards (and your paychecks) right. These four simple tips will help you get started!

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Party, party, party!

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lol soonyoung gives me life

lmaoooo why do you have to drag him like that?

I can hear the koreaboos (but I still like bts tho)

Resultado de imagen para exo memes en español

#ThanksgivingwithEXO Wow I still love Kris wu

How to share things. Although I would gladly accept the yellow Starburst! That's my favorite flavor of Starburst! And I COMPLETELY agree with the "Cauliflower (Throwaway)" HA!

Its to good to stop hours so fat

Yes, I hate that! They should never kill animals! I don;t care what they do to the people, but leave the animals alone. :D