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Eyelash Extension Application Tool Sterilizer Give your customers peace of mind knowing that all of your eyelash extension tools are sterilized with the Glad Lash Sterilizer. This sterilizing system destroys all microbes and spores in seconds utilizing heated dry, glass beads. The Glad Lash Sterilizer is the perfect solution for all tweezers, scissors, nail instruments as well as eyebrow and eyelash extension metal application tools.

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Wanna save time when applying lashes? The #GoddessArena will do the trick! It's washable, reusable and comes in 7 COLOURS! You can order yours at

Lash trays on trays on trays. Product shot at Let's Lash an eyelash extension studio located in Scottsdale, AZ.

I have a few modules on Eyelash Extensions Salon Set-Up, Budgeting, Keeping track of your finances, staff management and more in my Business and Branding Course in case you would like to do it with some help.

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"The only way to do great work is to LOVE what you do" -Steve Jobs <3 (Lash Stylist Lori Myers At Let's Lash eyelash extension studio in Scottsdale, AZ)

The 2D and 4D pictures show how a natural lash (NL) should look like once it grows out. Every NL should still be able to continue its lash growth cycle even with extension(s) attached. And my 5D fans aren't always perfect, but I'm practicing

Eyelash Extension single hair or cluster service Taking Appointments for new luxe Ilash Lab Mink or Single silk Lash extension kit used services on introductory price for First timers ! $ 150 .00 regular Ilash Lab services range from 175-250 . MakeupFace143 :Lash services on sale ! Makeup False Eyelashes

Make sure your lash artist knows how to correctly #clean their tools. Soaking in #Barbicide is one of many ways to #disinfect tweezers. #sanitation #borbytweezers

Some great ideas on how to Set up a Lash Salon from girls in my Lash Tribe Group. Re-Pin if you like the ideas. Learn Eyelash Extensions Online at

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Meet the super talented and super cute Glad Lash, After Care Kit. The kit comes with all the fab after-care items your clients would ever need and makes for a great retail option. All products in the kit are designed to keep eyelash extensions looking long, lush and lovely. So get your kit on with the Glad Lash After Care Kit!

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Bella eye lash extensions. Bella lash single tile, mixed refill tray of lashes, 5gel patches, 5ml adhesive, straight tweezers, curved tweezers, 15mascara wands, 15 cotton swabs, 15 micro brush swabs, adhesive tape. Makeup False Eyelashes

This Set is every Lash Artists Dream.It includes: 1) All of the Lash Tribe Tweezers 2) Dental mirror and scissors 3) A 11 slot Tweezer Case. With this Set you are saving $65. Explore Eyelash Extensions Supplies + Products at | Eyelash Extensions Business + Marketing Tips | Lash Tribe Australia

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Our hydrating lip masks are a fantastic add-on service for your eyelash extension clientele, or to retail for at-home use. The mask activates with body temperature and permeates into the lips, leaving them supple and moisturized. To use: 1. Cleanse and dry the lip area, then place mask. 2. Leave the mask on for the duration of the lash appointment 3. Remove mask. Rinse area with water. Ingredients: Rose flower oil, hyaluronic acid, glyceryl, cherry extract, propylene glycol, collagen, hya...

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