Depending on your beauty routine and what your hair needs, there’s a hair treatment for you. Always on the go? Check out our range of leave in treatments that work in seconds but last all day. Oils and serums are essential for fighting frizz and hydrating hair on a deeper level, while heat protectants keep hair healthy as you blow-dry, flat iron, and curl. Indulge in a restorative mask once a week to keep hair hydrated and help repair damage.

Jennifer Kwok is a Xtreme Lashes®-trained and Directory Certified Eyelash Extensions Specialist at Lashes en Vie, llc. She offers Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions services in Albuquerque, NM.

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Bella eye lash extensions. Bella lash single tile, mixed refill tray of lashes, 5gel patches, 5ml adhesive, straight tweezers, curved tweezers, 15mascara wands, 15 cotton swabs, 15 micro brush swabs, adhesive tape. Makeup False Eyelashes

Volume mix 2-3d StyLash Extensions. Longer in a middle for opening eye effect.

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Glad Lash Eyelash Extension Station

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The 2D and 4D pictures show how a natural lash (NL) should look like once it grows out. Every NL should still be able to continue its lash growth cycle even with extension(s) attached. And my 5D fans aren't always perfect, but I'm practicing

“Happy national lash day to all you boss'n lash beauties . We celebrated by training 20 new classic and volume artists in Salt Lake City and another 10…”

Cute setup for our RI class

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New Upcoming Training Certification Classes — New upcoming training dates listed are now on our professional site ✨Group classes are limited to 3 students Sept 22-23 Los Angeles(Beginner Class) Oct 8-9 Wasilla, AK (Beginner Class) Nov 6-7 Las Vegas, NV (Beginner Class) Dec 11-12 Wasilla, AK (Beginner Class) Beginner 2 day class $1800 includes kit ✨We also offer private 1:1 classes or small group classes at your hosted location - contact us for more details

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