These skin care tips for teens who suffer from acne can help eliminate pimples by lessening the inflammation. |

Actually after showering, put the lotion on then put on the oil on to seal in moisture!

How To Spring Clean Beauty Products

Condition and refresh between shampoos with Redken's Genius Wash cleansing conditioner co-washes. If you work out, color your hair, or battle frizz, Genius Wash is perfect for leaving your hair clean, but never overwashed. Find out which cleansing conditioner is right for you!

How To Dip Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid - Find unsweetened packets (better so your hair isnt sticky). For every packet you use add one cup of water and boil it in a saucepan. Once boiling, pour the mixture into a heat proof cup or bowl. Dip the hair you want to streak or dip dye into the cup and leave it in there for five minutes (yes head over a bowl is annoying). When you remove it hold paper towel on the hair until it is dry enough that it doesnt drip. Thats it! Should last 2-6 weeks!

Simply GENIUS! For those of you who use blending buds, How cool is this?!! ☺️

Okay, so maybe you weren’t born with long, dark, voluminous lashes… but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get them with a few clever tricks. We’ve found the BEST mascara tips and tricks that’ll help you achieve that luscious long lash look without paying a hefty price for expensive mascaras.

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Hate getting nail polish on your fingers and skin when you paint or do water color? Well here is a simple,easy,and cheap way to help that Just paint on washable glue on your fingers/skin let dry paint nails Peel off glue and Wa-La No more messy polish on your skin :D

Step by step pictorial on how to clean your beauty blender or makeup sponge.

DIY 18 Genius Tricks To Get Every Last Drop Out Of Your Makeup #diy #beauty

Sugar + water + lemon juice = the BEST waxing method you'll ever try!

Don't avoid washing your lashies all that you must do is be gentle !!! The best method is baby shampoo and water the cleaner you keep em the longer they last and the quicker your fills are. #beautytips #lashes #fact by thelashqueen.xo

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