love the style and looks like my natural ombre color too! ;)

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Detention Girl blaming her pet. She baddie. Started as a warmup sketch but ideas kept flowing in so I salvaged that mythical moment and made this! ' ' Chrismas is soon and I'll be spending more time with friends and family, might take a break until the new year. (Wishful thinking) ' ' I hope you all are doing great! Spend some time with your loved ones ok? :D ' ' ' #girl #drawing #illustration #art #artist #digital #pet #cute #style

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Mermaid Art- Wood Beach Décor- Coastal Bathroom Art- Mermaid Paintings- Mixed Media- 11X28 inches. This mermaid is facing out to sea, resting on a shelf of shells. I started with a wood plank, that I painted a lightly distressed pale blue. I then carved out the mermaid figure from canvas board. She was then painted and wrapped with twine around the edges. I then used small glass pieces in creams and brown to mimic the look of of scales on her tail. Her hair is also twine. This piece is all ab...

hair! length!

Style Lessons from Audrey Hepburn

Yoongi, her gün kavga ettiklerini duyduğu komşusu ve kedi bebeğinin t… #hayrankurgu # Hayran Kurgu # amreading # books # wattpad

Maddie. #wooomic #wooolikes @hiba_tanI need to practice drawing faces faster so I timed myself again gave myself 1 hour but I needed more spent another plus 30 mins on it ///fail But I'll keep practicing until I get it right! Reference again from @rubyjamesphoto she has such beautiful photography! You should check her out if you need any references for photo studies :3 but don't forget to credit xD #art #artist #painttoolsai #study #practice #red #hair #realism #realistic #draw #drawing #digital

I like her thick highlights


Audrey Hepburn reading.

The new season is coming. Have you prepared your spring wardrobe? Don’t forget to style your hair to welcome the new season. Today prettydesigns is going to show you some pretty as well as adorable hairstyles Stay with us and learn how to style your long hair. In the post, you will find various hairstyles …

This is what I imagine the main character, Julia Hoffman, to look like. The book describes her as being very beautiful and young when she becomes a nurse during the Civil War. It also says that she has long brown hair which she keeps up in a bun. The girl in this picture is wearing black clothing. When Julia becomes a nurse, she's forced to give up the clothes that she's used to for very simple, drab clothing.

Maria Sanchez looked almost exactly like her mother, apart from the little freckles that dotted her face. Her skin was a deep bronze, with hair that was deep, dark brown, near black in truth.

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Arianna Walker, except, her hair is a little bit darker, closer to mahogany brown. But her face is perfect!

BTS'İN HER TÜRLÜ OLAYA VERECEĞİ TEPKİLER. #hayrankurgu # Hayran Kurgu # amreading # books # wattpad

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