Use pretty images on ur laptop as background for shooting small objects!

How to Set Up a Photo Studio on a Budget | Backdrop Express Photography Team

The best camera gear for travel. Everything you need for pictures when you're travelling. From the camera body, to lenses, to tripods. Brands like Canon and Ona will help you get the best photo.

For a while now I'm been thinking I need to up my blog photography game and get a few new props. But then it came to me... why not do some DIY crafts and make my own props instead!  I don't like to

how to start a beauty blog - features some things you wouldn't expect and a quote from me!

I’ve posted quite a lot of these style of posts over the years I have been blogging and I try to do them as often…

Free Video Editing Tools for Bloggers, Vloggers, + Youtubers From the Goto Site for the Modern Blogger, www.PoorLittleBlo...

Video equipment for blogging and vlogging! Perfect for a beginner too. This is the exact list I've been looking for. You don't have to have it all, and you can get all of it pretty affordable!

Makeup Organisation

22 Bloggers share what they wish they knew before they started blogging. This advice is ideal for lifestyle blogs, beauty blogs, fashion, blogs, mommy blogs, travel blogs, blogging for beginners and bloggers who have been around for a while. // Hey There, Chelsie

modern wordpress fashion blog design | by GOLIVEHQ.CO

Himalayan Bluetail An Asian Old World flycatcher

10 MUST haves for taking awesome blog pictures! All found on Amazon, *and* Prime eligible! #SocialMedia social-media-stra... #socialmedia Social Media Cheat Sheet for Small Businesses and Bloggers — CHLOE ADLINGTON

Stop what you're doing! If you're a blogger and want to up your photography game, you NEED to read this post!

My Filming & Lighting Setup For Beauty Videos | Canon EOS 70d Camera Settings - YouTube

Decor ideas and inspiration on how IKEA set-up a beautiful home office and YouTube room for filming as a beauty blogger

Ultimate Makeup Brush Set Kit Makeup Artist Professional Tools: Beauty

blog post ideas for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers

A lot of you ask questions about how to start a blog and YouTube channel, so I'm giving you some of the basics of both! My beauty blog: ...

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105 blog posts ideas for the times you need them. Never run out of ideas again! Pin this for the future!