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6 K-pop Inspired Korean Style Eyeliners Tutorial | MADOKEKI beauty, skincare, style

Kawaii Sweet World: Outfit + maquillaje + Peinado + uñas [[ULZZANG STYLE]] *pink*

Ulzzang Song Ah Ri's MakeUp Tutorial-interesting! a very kpop look, especially the whole eyebag/love lid thing .. didn't know there was a "technique" to emphasize it

Nice More

pony 2

Have you been wonder, how to shape eyebrows naturally? Check this simple tutorial for beginners on how to shape or trim their eyebrows!

Makeup - Maquiagem - Maqvillage

Brown ASIAN K-POP SMOKEY EYES DIY Makeup & Beauty Tutorial | **** Fashion Guilt DIY/Tips!!

Best tutorial 6 k pop eyeliner

point = red on edges of bottom eyeline and lighter shade in the middle

Ulzzang freckles......I want freckles they make girls look so much more cuter and more innocent >w

asian tutorial

How to apply blush to get different looks! #asianmakeup #koreanmakeup

9 Korean Makeup Tutorials | How To Do Korean Makeup & Awesome Korean Makeup Products By Makeup Tutorials.

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korean makeup tutorial

The invisible eyesliner

Ready to chop it all off? Here, the most stylish cuts for short strands