The Order of Makeup Application

This chart & review has all the makeup brushes you need. I really want that sigma foundation brush. I've been in need of a better one! I have all of the real techniques brushes on this list and they are great!

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Tips for perfect pencil eyeliner via Rosales Sánchez

Where To Apply Concealer

Makeup application


This is your ultimate guide to drugstore makeup! I've rounded up the best of the best for each category to complete your makeup kit!

Makeup tips and tricks: How to apply makeup to hide wrinkles and fine lines - Trend To Wear

where to apply highlighter

The Non-Beauty Blogger's Guide: Where to Apply Highlighter - Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos

Where To Apply Bronzer & The Best Bronzers To Do It With for the perfect sun-kissed glow!

These 10 Makeup Dupe Hacks have saved me A TON OF MONEY! I use makeup regularly so this post is AWESOME! So GLAD I found this!

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Tutorial for Perfect Makeup Application

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Tutorial for Perfect Makeup Application

Brush up: Your ultimate makeup brush cheat sheet

Here's a foolproof, 13-step process to get your face on — and get the most out of all those pricey products too.

From foundation & contour, to blush & eyebrows, to eyeshadow & eyeliner, this collection of makeup tutorials will teach you how to apply makeup properly.


Red Lip tutorial

Blush Application

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