pinterest: MACKEDOUT [ "Chances are, you've seen the natural makeup look trending on plenty of celebs' faces this year so far. It's the simple, gorgeous, glowing skin look that you absolutely need to nail for this summer. If you're stuck thinking, \"there's no way I could ever.", "For all the beauty addicts, here is a list of 10 affordable makeup brands you most likely didn& know existed (or didn& know just how awesome they really were!) NYX Cosmetics NYX is one of those brands that I always saw at CVS or Walgreens but never.", "The holidays are a busy time of year, and you may not have all the time in the world to perfect your makeup and hair. Or, you may not have time to go replace that die-hard product you ran out of. Well that& where this list comes in handy!", "Going to college is expensive and there is no reason you should spend hundreds on dorm decor when you can just be creative! Everyone wants their dorm room to feel like home, but many colleges have restrictions in place that don't allow you to decorate.", "Do you dread the idea of getting up each morning only to stand in front of the mirror for 30 minutes just to make yourself look acceptable for the public? Or what about when you're going out for the night and just don't feel like getting ready?", "The lip color", "These beauty hacks for lazy girls are amazing! Putting on makeup will become so much easier with these simple DIY tips and tricks.", "image discovered by Christina Alexander.) your own images and videos on We Heart It" ] #
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