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Everything you need to know about the best makeup for brown eyes and which colors look the best. makeup beauty eyeshadow

Yeah this is pretty accurate but I have to do my mascara first because my lashes are so long. Then I let it dry and clean up all the lash marks

Face Brush Guide and Cheat Sheet! Right now I'm definitely recommending the Nars Foundation Brush! It's been my favorite face brush of October!

Incredibly useful makeup order flowchart by u/Lenacy on Reddit. For those who aren't sure what goes first. POST YOUR FREE LISTING TODAY! Hair News Network. All Hair. All The Time.

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This is the BEST highlight and contour guide I have ever seen. Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills and Dress Your Face.

a comprehensive, detailed makeup routine (that's well organized) that you can customize for yourself:

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“No-makeup makeup” might sound like the most confusing term out there, but trust me: it isn’t that complicated. It basically refers to a very natural makeup look, something that makes it appear as though you were born with gorgeous skin, beautiful eyelids, long eyelashes, perfectly pink cheeks, and a sun kissed, dewey glow. Or, in … Read More

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Spring offers a lot of new makeup trends, but one of the biggest has to be color correcting concealer. For beauty gurus and makeup experts alike, color correcting concealers aren’t a new thing at all. Those who are *~*in the know*~* in the beauty world have been using green concealer to cover pimples and pink … Read More

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I know there is no pic- but this is the best and cheapest mod lighting diy- will do this for my home

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