When your skin has a green tinge combined with brown, you are said to have an olive skin tone. Olive skin is usually associated with people who have brown shades in their complexion. Instead of being warm or cool toned, those with olive skin have a neutral tone. Here are some makeup tips to help complement that beautiful olive skin. #Makeup

Eyeshadow School: The Halo

Ever woken up, looked in the mirror and felt as though there was a ZOMBIE starting back at you? Don't worry, me too! Click this pin now to discover my latest tutorial! Then you too can transform that morning zombie, in 5 easy steps! #MakeUp #MakeUpTutorial #MakeUpArtist

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So pretty:) I believe that more natural is more beautiful, perfect for junior high!

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What kind of false eyelashes for your type of eyes?

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How to Fake Freckles - How to Draw On Freckles -- I hate fakers, but I kinda miss the freckles I grew up having

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Get the perfect no-makeup makeup look with this step by step tutorial. CLIENT: e.l.f. Cosmetics Built by: Mark Nayve | SellUp

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DIY Skin Smoothing Mask 2 T cocoa 1 t raw honey 1 1/2 t of coconut oil (melted) You want a paste like consistency so add a tiny bit more cocoa powder if needed. Originally called for much more honey & oil but WAYYYY too loose. Start small and add if you need it.

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Article on Best Foundation for Sensitive Skin

Amounts in easy graphic comparisons.

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This step by step eyeshadow tutorial is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to apply eyeshadow like a pro. It features a natural look that is perfect for everyday, but the techniques will work for a more dramatic, smokey look if that's your preference. These easy tips work for blue, green, and brown eyes, and for all shapes - even hooded eyes!

If you want to know how to apply eyeshadow like a pro, this collection of simple and easy step-by-step tutorials for beginners is for you! Regardless of the color (blue, green, brown) and shape (hooded or monolid) of your eyes, and your personal style (natural, smokey, and downright dramatic), these guides will teach you everything you need to know about applying eyeshadow properly. We've also included product recommendations as well as the best brushes for blending and beyond!