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Who can resist a glitter beard?!

Silver glitter...

"Here," he offered. "If anyone sees your real face, they'll recognise you instantly." "Good. Let them know there is someone they should fear. Let them know I'm still strong and standing."

Love Lululemon's holiday collection!

I used to wear my hair like that, so Bjork.:


cute phone cases - Google Search


aghhhh PURPLE AND SPARKLY!!!!!! My two favorite things in life!!!

lululemon Shine Tight Roll Down, $92, available at lululemon; lululemon Core Set Bra, $52, available at lululemon; lululemon Party Bomb Jacket, $118, available at lululemon.


Vem 2016! Bom dia! Que você seja cheio de momentos felizes ❤️❤️☁️☁️⚡️⚡️


eyes and glitter image

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

glitter everything. More

8 inch straw wreath wrapped in purple/ blue mixed color yarn, decorated with felt roses, pearls, and glitter silver leaves. No instructions, just ideas!

purple ornament

Nails. I just did this, but with a soft pink shade and I love it! It gives you the glitter without going crazy all over the nail. I still feel professional and 'grown up' while still being able to have my pink and glitter. :)

Just sprinkle it with purple glitter... Purple Quote