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It’s important to find you a man that does neither:

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I hate when you're being nice and then they act like they have all day to walk the 10 feet to get across the street.

17 comics about adulting that are so relatable it hurts

You know that feeling when you set your biggest makeup brush down and spray your setting spray and you have that fresh dewy flawless look? Yeah... Let your day be like that sht. Take the FREE 3-day #BossBabe starter course by clicking the link in our profile!!

Lmao I probably should! Hundred of dollars worth of make up I never touch. I just like to collect it I guess

Pretty Little Liars character, Aria Montgomery's Inspired Makeup and Hair Tutorial. Find me on: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram @cutesygirl09 Music By Jay Loftus h...

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You know the winged liner struggle is real. | 18 Things Everyone Who Dates A Makeup Addict Knows

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Yes lmfao



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