15 Easy Tips On How To Fix And Clean Your Makeup Products

Trying to pick out the right makeup brush can be intimidating (and pretty overwhelming) with all your options. Not a lot of people really know what each makeup brush is for. This inspired us to explain which one is for what and why it is ideal for the cheeks, eye shadows, blending, lining, etc.

Spring offers a lot of new makeup trends, but one of the biggest has to be color correcting concealer. For beauty gurus and makeup experts alike, color correcting concealers aren’t a new thing at all. Those who are *~*in the know*~* in the beauty world have been using green concealer to cover pimples and pink … Read More

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Are you using the right makeup brush?

Never let your winged liner make you late for work again.

Nothing disrupts a flawless complexion more than large pores. If you want your skin to look smooth and your makeup to look its best, you'll want to add these beauty products to all of your makeup routines.

How to fix broken makeup. May be the best pin I've ever found. Do you know how many expensive foundations & eye shadows i have thrown away?!

How to Use a Beauty Blending Sponge to Apply your Makeup Flawlessly #beautyblender

Perfect, clean-cut hair can be so boring. There’s no wonder why the undone, done look has been all the rage the past few years. When it comes to getting the right “I woke up like this” look, it’s all about product, technique, and finishes. Though the results may vary based on your natural texture and length, the steps are the same. If you haven’t perfected your signature lived-in texture look, here are some tips and tricks to get there.

10 Makeup Must-Haves for Travel. - Love everything except the Gel eyeliner as this requires precision application and brush.

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The only 7 makeup tools you'll ever need in your beauty arsenal. Missing any?

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If you regularly wear foundation (or concealer or contour makeup) and you’re not using a Beautyblender or any makeup sponge, you’re doing it wrong. Seriously. I, too, once believed that there was nothing special about the little egg-shaped sponge that is known as a Beautyblender.

Full face makeup tutorial using a beautyblender in 10 steps. #HelloGorgeous


Own highlighter and concealer? Here's how to use them to brighten your eyes.

charmedliving: I can’t say enough about this look.