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awesome new inspiration. lots of new tricks i've never seen

Spider Monkey video & song -- lots of adorable kids videos by "squetch". Educational and fun!

Can you imagine living with these sounds of the Amazon Rain Forest for four months? Every night, you go to bed, and the sounds follow you to sleep.

Did you know many some rain forest animals have yet to be discovered? Or that some butterfly wings look like a pair of eyes? Find out how animals survive in the rainforest while singing and reading along! Readers will love the wordly music and colorful illustrations.#lifescience #nextgenerationsciencestandards #habitat #prey #predator #camouflage #rainforest #monkey #sloth #snake #frog #jaguar #salamander #crocodile #toucan #cantatalearning

Meet Budi and Jemmi. You can’t sit with them. They are just chillin’, enjoying a fruit snack of peeled rambutan and guavas in their hammock. | Watching These Two Monkeys Eat Fruit Will Melt Your Heart

Sasquatch Sings and the magic of a break-through like this is heroic to say the least!! May we gather in the name of Peace!!


Patas #monkey Full second #uganda #wildlife video available at This is the only plains monkey (not forest dwelling) in Uganda. #ugandan #wildlifephotography #wildlifeconservation #murchisonfalls #nationalpark #nileriver #rivernile #patasmonkey #patasmonkeys #monkeys #monkey #primates #primate

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