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Fun falsie eyelash extensions



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I no longer worry about putting makeup on daily! Since I have started using Rodan and Fields’ products, my skin looks amazing. It looks hydrated! I have an even skin tone! I am just all around thrilled with the appearance of my skin! All I do to get ready for work now is use my Rodan and Fields’ Mineral Peptides, some blush, and some mascara. I consider this doing my full face!

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Jekyll Lashes, $19, now featured on Fab.

I have this stuff in 3 colours, and haven't worn it in AGES. I need to get the makeup box out :)

. . We're not cleaning that up, young lady . .

Shimmer Twins heart eyelashes

Twinkle twinkle little lights, LEDs are taking flight! I love this image. This is most likely what the inside of my glitter-obsessed brain looks like...

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Distressed Cream Sadie Arch Mirror | Kirkland's!! I want this mirror so bad!! Love, love, love it!

new years?