[ taken by emilio ] "hey, i'm katelyn, but just call me kate. i'm nineteen, and i'm a very introverted person. i'm quiet, and i love to read. i also love animals, and i'm a vegan." i shrug and grin. "say hi?"

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dewy makeup - Yes! Much more natural, attractive, and easier than contouring (yuck)!!

Sarah Ellen

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Hey I'm Cade. I'm 17 and single as a pringle *giggles* I'm really shy, but I'm into like bad boys I guess *blushes* I like to skate and surf and cuddles are always good um Introduce?

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Simple makeup tutorial, including a list of all the products used to create this supermodel look!

Photo: Henry Leutwyler We’ve seen it everywhere from runways to magazine covers —the no-makeup makeup look. The concept is simple: makeup that complements your features, without it looking like you are actually wearing any at all.  Related: Get Perfectly Flushed Winter Cheeks The focus is on perfecting the skin, so start with concealing any blemishes. Use a yellow-based concealer to cover any red or purple color around the eyes.

Dusky Rose - Millennial Pink Makeup Ideas - Photos

26 Natural Makeup Looks: More

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She is Slaying right now

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naturel make up, natural, waves, long hair, blue eyes, hairstyle, hairdo

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It'll make you insane anyway." "You know.- everyone in that dark drifting place in your head.".- you'll just take it as pushy internal dialogue though, or " pushed thoughts.".-

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runwayandbeauty: Taylor Marie Hill on set for Raye 2016.

Simple makeup, grungy pony, downturn surf. The final look for @Peter Thomas Thomas Som SS'14 #nyfw

NATURAL MAKEUP + ROSIE HUNTINGTON WHITELEY - Simple makeup tutorial, including a list of all the products used to create this natural makeup look. Description from I searched for this on