Makeup artist Sara Biria is here to show and tell exactly how to get a perfect complexion, just by following this concealer map.

Las arrugas en la cara son el resultado del proceso de envejecimiento lento y constante. El rostro juvenil se vuelve opaco debido al proceso de envejecimiento. Es muy difícil luchar contra las arrugas y restaurar la piel lisa y brillante. Hoy en día, muchas mujeres sufren de síntomas de enveje

The Absolute Best Way to Apply Foundation

Cooking your foundation

How to apply blush to suit your face shape - I need to study this, I put on bronzer like a clown, ill admit lol


Your Roadmap to Applying Concealer Perfectly

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The correct way to put on concealer! (Without looking like you were wearing tanning goggles!)

Spring offers a lot of new makeup trends, but one of the biggest has to be color correcting concealer. For beauty gurus and makeup experts alike, color correcting concealers aren’t a new thing at all. Those who are *~*in the know*~* in the beauty world have been using green concealer to cover pimples and pink … Read More

Learn how to contour with this cheat sheet. Creaseless concealers are a MUST. And for them to be affordable? Don't miss out! These make a great christmas gift. Find them at

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I will always listen to a drag queen when it comes to makeup tips...Drag Queen Tips: Cook Your Face!

We love contouring, but you're likely to get the best Instagram-worthy result if you contour according to your face shape. Follow our simple guide to find out just where you should contour based on your unique facial features.

EASY Step By Step CONTOURING Guide For MEN | Highlight And Contour For Males - YouTube