Makeup artist Sara Biria is here to show and tell exactly how to get a perfect complexion, just by following this concealer map.

The Absolute Best Way to Apply Foundation

The Beauty Vanity | How To Contour Face Shape

Spring offers a lot of new makeup trends, but one of the biggest has to be color correcting concealer. For beauty gurus and makeup experts alike, color correcting concealers aren’t a new thing at all. Those who are *~*in the know*~* in the beauty world have been using green concealer to cover pimples and pink … Read More

Highlight & Contour. You can achieve bright summer look with the right colors and makeup techniques. Use the contouring and the highlighting makeup technique to brighten your skin. See how :) #makeup # contouring

Our ultimate guide for applying concealer, bronzer, highlighter and blush is the only step by step makeup tutorial you need!

Watch our tutorial to get tips on creating a natural, beautiful, everyday look, using contouring and highlighting techniques.

What order do I put this stuff on in

Use Your Concealer The Right Way - 13 Best Makeup Tutorials and Infographics for Beginners

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Great Eyebrow Tutorial

Makeup tip! Always apply foundation first, then concealer. It makes your skin look 100% more flawless! Follow this simple Maybelline how-to with our Better Skin combo and you’ll be applying foundation and concealer like a pro in no time for a easy natural makeup look.

The correct way to put on concealer! (Without looking like you were wearing tanning goggles!)

Cooking your foundation

I asked you guys on Instagram what you'd like to see for tutorials, and one of the most requested by far was a contouring tutorial. So, here it is! There's a ton of different ways to contour - some liquid, some like powder - some do it under their foundation, some do it over top, it's all a matter of personal preference. For me, I like to start my contouring process by applying a light coverage liquid foundation all over. I choose to highlight/contour with liquid or cream, becau... | Here's the BEST foundation that you NEED to be using!



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