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For the few of you who compliment me on my eyebrows, this is exactly what I do. Because for whatever reason,..they just stopped filling in like they used to.

Tint Your Eyebrows at Home

These are the major zones you're going to want to highlight correctly. Give it a try!

How to Fill in Your Brows | Eyebrow Makeup Tutorials for Beginners by Makeup Tutorials at

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Makeup : DIY EYEBROW MAKEUP Makeup tips and ideas

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How to fill in your eyebrows

Want to give your brows a lift? Take a look at this incredible brow tutorial by Ely Marino using Motives and tell us what you think! #Cosmetics #MakeUp #Eyebrows @Loren Cline Ridinger

Paso maquillaje para los ojos de luz | thePO.ST

Perfect for me for swimming, gym, or outside activities ;) Step1. Comb brows and mix products. Step2. Outline bottom of brows. Step3. Outline top of brows. Step4. Fill in brows and brush out product with spooly. Step5. Clean up bottom of brows with concealer. Step6. Blend down the concealer & Brush out extra product from the front of the brows for a gradient affect and your done! :)

Sexy and cool Korean style makeup look

Galaxy Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial