Skincare has always played an important part of my daily routine. Cleansing and mosturising are my favourite steps, what are #yourskinhabit ? Get a free treatment from @surfaceskinhabit by sharing your daily skincare products that you use, tag @surfaceskinhabit and hashtag #yourskinhabit

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Calvin Klein,a fashion Designer.He was born in 19 November 1942.Calvin Klein is an American fashion brand, founded in 1968.According to the website,Calvin Klein is the designer with the famous underwear ads.He is a fashion man and his productions are very expensive.It's a physical truth.It's actual and not a subject opinion.So I think it's objective and trustworthy.

There are a TON of beautiful unique soaps at Whole Foods that aren't as 'well known' - maybe we can get the literal ingredient & display around the product..

Buckwheat Blueberry & Ricotta Hotcakes with Maple & Seeds | Gather & Feast

PERSEA APOTHECARY / Persea is a professional beauty and skincare products brand from Mexico, whose production is based purely on scientifically backed-up natural ingredients.

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DIY Photo Light Box Steps

Johnny Miller

Colourful product photography and styling for Punky Pins by Marianne Taylor.

Still life product photography from rebranding ad campaign for Laurel Whole Plant Organics skincare line. Styling by Laura Cook. Photo by San Francisco still life photographers Trinette+Chris.

Selected images created for the Mieux Derma Instagram account. The aim was to communicate the brand culture and organic nature of the products, this was achieved by styling the skincare with props, complementary lifestyle products and natural ingredients …

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Junta y Batten

Board and Batten | Photography + Styling | Visual Content | Knotably Studio

Ingredients for Ice Green Tea - Ingredients for ice green tea lime, lemon, mint, sugar, green tea and ice cubes on wooden chopping board with black iron teapot over old wooden background. Rustic style. Flat lay

Color matching. Motion captured. Shot from above.Soft diffused lighting.

20 Great DIY Candle Ideas - 14.Flavored Candle - Diy & Crafts Ideas Magazine


magic of bounce lighting fills in shadows and brightens products

SUCRÉ Macarons by Edvardas Kavarskas