Claire Plekhoff / Makeup artist based in Paris - PERSONAL

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Avant Garde.Fantasy Sunflower eye

Makeup and pressed flower look by Filomena Natoli @michaelnaumoff photographer

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How would you caption this?? "Circular Makeup"? "Geometric makeup"? Very avant garde....

Pristine Jean Photoshoots : Vogue China 'Delicate Denim'

pinterest: @adaglis

Ugly Magazine - Flowers on Behance

Face Paint


북두칠성 — uyuro: 플라워 메이크업 by chahong ardor

Georgie x Sony on Behance - Tap the Link Now: Providing Unique Jewelry For Unique People.


"Rough beauties" SO CHIC magazine on Behance

so beautiful

How To Make Acne Bumps Disappear Quickly. Lemon, baking soda, vitamin E capsule, etc