How To Draw Eyeliner With a Spoon...hmmm...this could be useful for all you ghetto people ygm

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How many times have you ruined your winged eyeliner? This beauty hack makes getting a perfect cat eye easy.

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Winged Eyeliner for Monolids


To get the most liquid use out of your eyeliner pen, remove the felt tip and…

Have you always wanted that perfect winged liner but you can never get that straight...

Simple Eyeliner Tutorials for Perfect Eyeliner Looks by Makeup Tutorials. Eyeliner Tips And Tricks For Beginners. Looking For Great Gel, Liquid, Winged, Or Pencil Techniques? We Have Products For Achieving A Natural Look And Some Sweet Tips For Techniques For Glasses. All Women Must Learn How To Do Step By Step Natural Eyeliner For Bottom And Top Lids.

Eyeliner was a mystery to me for a long time. I had serious eyeliner envy! when I got my guts together to try winger eyeliner it was a disaster! And it was a lot of trial and error! I couldn’…

Winged eyeliner is a whole lot easier with this trick. To get the perfect flick in Step 1, hold your eyeliner diagonally on your face from the corner of your nostril up to the corner of your eye. Where the pencil hits at your eye will be the perfect angle for you.:

Not my tutorial.. so if you don't like it, sorry but I saved it for the end result, not the how-to. (Also, it's clearly not a regular pencil. It's more like a gel liner which is easily blendable without being too rough on your skin.)

omghow How To Put on Liquid Eyeliner

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One of the best winged eyeliner tutorials for an Old Hollywood Glam look. Get the look with the finest makeup from

Maquillaje de ojo: ¿Como hacer un eyeliner perfecto?:

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