A nice splash of citrus...Lively, vibrant palette of oranges, creams, greys and blue- grey/ denim. Available in 15 different fabrics ranging from $25-$40/yard ( 42-56" width) (1. Basic Combed Cotton-(

Soft, quiet song. Delicate, subtle colors create a pleasant sense of peace and serenity. The symbol of a sweet, lazy bliss. Pastel shades of gray, beige and the color of coffee with milk - ideal for basic tones in the interior. With dark colors can emphasize the details and accents. This remarkable range fit in modern design - simple and convenient as possible.

Color combination inspired by nature mineral stone. Color pallets, color palettes, color scheme, color inspiration.

The colourscape is a great idea to help set a cohesive colour palette for my works.

14 Mint Color Palettes | Angie Sandy Design + Illustration #colorpalette #mint #color

Delicate pastel shades of this color palette is well suited for girls' room design. You can safely use these shades in proportions that you prefer..

Colour pallette inspiration, BEDROOM 1

Viola! Here are value, hue, tint, and shade visually defined in this wonderfully succinct scaled explanation!

Vintage 70's wallpaper

Tiny House Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire You

Paper Dahlia Flower Wreath - FINALLY a tutorial for this. Yay!

There are three basic types of palettes: warm, mixed, and cool.

Soft and serene colors in icy blue, greys and taupe's with bold splash of orange. Available in 15 different fabrics ranging from $25-$40/yard ( 42-56" width) (1. Basic Combed Cotton-($20). 2. Kona Cot

Ever wish you had a color thesaurus? Craving a more evocative term to describe a color than basic "red" or "blue?" Delight in this colorful infographic!

14 Bright Color Palettes

Color Palette #3321

How to select the correct color palette for your brand

2014-2015 Color Palettes -- my apt is going to be Navy Chic. For sure.

Complimentary colors are OPPOSITE each other on the color wheel passionate reality

日本の伝統色465色の色名と16進数 ~ The Table of Traditional Japanese Colors

Choosing art colours - Pantone Matching System

I wil be revisiting these color come fall, but they still make me happy in the heat of summer.

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Exterior color coordinating with red brick