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13 Makeup Tips Every Person With Hooded Eyes Needs To Know

Ok, so I finally figured out why I look terrible with most of the eyeliner experiments I do on myself--I have hooded eyes and need to try a different way of doing it

The Eyeline - generally my eyeliner shape depends on how shaky my line was on the 1st eye - freestyle!!

I used these products to create a smokey eye that will flatter any eye color. Step 1 and 2: Use Urban Decay All Nighter eyeliner to line your eye. Step 3 and 4: Use the Hourglass Smudge

Cat Eye Eyeliner Stencil Makeup Eyes Liner Stencil Models Eyeshadow Template Shaper Tool

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Shape Up: Find Your Eye Shape and Maximize Your Makeup

Forget what you know about hooded eyes because while you may have never believed you could nail a dramatic cat eye a la Nicki Minaj or a thin, Adele-like liner, the truth is you can. If you've ever wondered how to apply eyeliner to hooded eyes, I'm h

Here's the entire makeup-for-your-eye-shape chart from Smashbox

Eye Makeup Tips: Tips for Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Brows & More | COVERGIRL

You can also tailor your eyeliner shape to your eye shape, once you feel confident in your application skills.

How to create a smoky look makeup, an intense look makeup, a classic makeup and a natural look makeup -

Color correcting is a must in the beauty world right now, and our guide will help you decide which color correctors you really need an tell you how to use it.

Eyeliner for Eye Shapes Chart - Get the Perfect Eyeliner for Your Eye Shape in 1 Handy Chart

What's Your Eye Shape?

Aprende cómo hacer 11 estilos de delineado que harán a tus ojos verse increíbles | Don't let sensitive skin stop you from applying makeup!

From Eye Shadow to Eyeliner, get all of the UD Pro Brushes and Tools you need to create the perfect eye looks. Nail Design, Nail Art, Nail Salon, Irvine, Newport Beach


Best Eyeliner Look for Your Eye Shape

Eyeliner for different eye shapes

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