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Beauty mistakes you didn't know you were making.

Use Your Concealer The Right Way - 13 Best Makeup Tutorials and Infographics for Beginners

Smokey Taupe Eyes tutorial. Try a smokey eye look if you are searching for something classic that suits all women and never goes out of fashion.

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Everyone has a day in every now and then when they look tired. If you too face this problem, take a look at these makeup tricks and tips for help!

Handy tips for make up!

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Iluminar, dar luz al rostro, contorno para ocultar los detalles , pero con qué? Acá una ayudita

Cleaning your makeup brushes might not be at the top of your priorities list...but it should be! Allowing product to build up on brush bristles can wreck their function & wreak havoc on your skin. Giving your tools a little love & attention on the regular is easier than you think: 1. Soak the bristles, 2. Lather with soap, 3. Rinse & repeat, 4. Wring & reshape, 5. Dry. Done!

Never sure which mascara to buy? Here are a few tips for finding the right drugstore mascara wand for your lashes.

The Best #Makeup Routine for Your Eye Shape ...

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