How to fill in your eyebrows

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Smokey Eye Basics! Get that gorgeous smokey eye look by following this easy tutorial - wow!


Smokey eye

From foundation and contour, to blush and eyebrows, to eyeshadow and eyeliner, this collection of makeup tutorials is just what you need to teach yourself not only how to apply makeup, but how to apply makeup properly.

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Eyebrow Tutorial eye makeup -

Eyebrows are one of the most important features that you have as they are necessary to frame your face whether you’re wearing makeup or not. In order to make sure that you always look your best, you should take the time to sufficiently take care of your eyebrows. Below are some important tips to take …

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How to Shape Your Eyebrows – Step by Step Guide

i still use this tutorial everyday. I get my eyebrows all done under 5 minutes TOPS! Try this ladies!! :)

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