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Pinterest: @jadeaubiin Instagram: @jade_aubin

"Body Scans ~ EchoNittoLitto by Marcelo Cantu Photo ~ Makeup: Killahcamz", "The look: Iry was inspired by this make-up job done by fellow artist Camille Thompson inspired by thermal body scans", "Holographic highlight/strobing, robotic and

Darkness Lashes I #pampadour OMG... I have such a thing for pretty eyes..

Amata Chittasenee #pixiemarket

Avant Garde.Fantasy Sunflower eye

Iti <3 by Damien Mohn on 500px

The 50 Most Jaw-Dropping Halloween Makeup Ideas on Instagram

alien-makeupWhen it comes to Halloween makeup, the general idea is the more elaborate, the better. Scroll through the “Halloween makeup” tag/search on Pinterest or Instagram, and you’ll come across thousands of photos of meticulous, beautiful makeup photos that make you itch to try them on your own. The only problem? That kind of detailed makeup work can be incredibly difficult, and most of us, let’s face it, are on a more beginner level than that.


rookiemag: Ice Queen Supreme A look to help you embrace the freezingness of winter. By Hannah

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Makeup idea


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