We collected evidence-based insights about color meanings that can help us all make more informed — and responsible — design decisions both for personal and client projects

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Infographic layouts refer to the arrangement of your visual elements and your content. When you begin working on a piece of infographic, you should have a story to tell hence, you will need to select a layout that best suits your story. Using the right layout will ensure good readability and conv...

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Blue Color Scheme Specialist for interior design.

Psychology of Color

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Beatiful blue, Green and taupe living room

Theory and practical, supported with worksheets that are used to assess students knowledge of terminology and practices of Visual Design.

COLOR MATTERS - Why color matters when you're planning your business branding.

Ever wondered how much impact color has on your #brandimage and your #ecommerce website? Remember, “Brands are burned into people’s minds”. And so is color… Check out our blog to improve your website design!

If you're a graphic designer, you know how essential it is to remember about visual hierarchy when working on complex projects. The more elements, the harder it is to create a consistent composition and highlight each and every piece at the same time. Fortunately, rules of visual hierarchy are here to help. Despite having been…

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Principles of Design

A moodboard is a great way to gather inspiration for your brand design and build a gorgeous colour scheme. Here is a template to help you get started!

Grounding and anchoring are my interior styling SECRETS to eliminate visual clutter everywhere from coffee tables to countertops. Learn how to style a beautiful tray and how to use grounding and anchoring to make your home look less cluttered.

Wall color is Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. My favorite navy and it looks gorgeous in this space.

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