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True Vanilla Perfumed Cream



mischer'traxler studio's bottle and packaging for Perrier Jouet's Vintage 2007 Belle Epoque, Blason Rosé and Grand Brut. Videos and more at the link.

MOONCAKE PROMOTION AT SHANGRI-LA HOTEL, KUALA LUMPUR The moon is at its roundest on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, and the event is celebrated as the Mooncake or Mid Autumn Festival. That’s because the festival is always in the middle of autumn, and it falls on September 19 this year. Traditionally family members w... Read more @

Organic is Basic packaging design by Victor Branding Design Corp, Taiwan

Love the typography in the gold / style.

Fisher's Gin has a beautiful bottle and nice box.

Kitty Tea – via Free Flavour

Mama Sopa. I love the overall packaging and the continued use/flow of the eye. It's definitely something new and different. And how thoughtful of making a scrubber/bag included!

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Wildflower & Fern Handcreme, 2.3 oz.

Featuring fragrance notes of Cut Greens, Flowering Lotus, and Watercress, the Library of Flowers Water & Willow Hand Creme is specially crafted to dissolve quickly into your skin. Generous amounts of

FLOWER ADDICTION MOONCAKE WITH CASAHANA Every year, a lot of new mooncakes flavors are coming up and not to forget, Casahana had come up with their new flavors of mooncake as well. Casahana had come up with a lot of special flavors of mooncakes which caters of the festival season rather than the normal flavors mooncakes. Besides... Read more @

Our Library of Flower collection is not only beautiful but smells amazing great!

Promo by Sarah Thorne Graphic Design

香油花椿 | 資生堂

Sprinkle & Bloom Bar Soap -

Chinese Honey Gift Box | Hao Awesome

Dr.Belmeur on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

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