My roommate asked me awhile ago if I own a lot of make up. Great question! My collection has been growing recently, but I don't think it's that large. Here's every eyeshadow I own - I'll post other kinds of makeup later. I got into makeup pretty late, just 4 years ago, after my cousin @nino_chich introduced me to @lisaeldridgemakeup's #makeuptutorials, from whom I learned almost everything I know about makeup. Until 4 years ago, I only wore #mascara, #natural #lipstickcolors, and some #blush. Even once I started wearing more makeup, until about a year ago, I only had this @wetnwildbeauty palette, which is surprisingly good considering the price, along those two @jordana_cosmetics #eyeshadowsticks, which I bought for a #halloweencostume and turned out gorgeous. That bright blue in #06aqualast is how I initially got into wearing #brighteyes and then I bought the @milkmakeup #eyepigment in #sesh-blue, which got me obsessed with the kind of makeup I now wear. In the meantime, I figured I should buy a nice #eyeshadowpalette considering how much I #lovemakeup and got the @tomford palette in #13orchidhaze, which is mostly quite netral but in beautiful #purples as I felt bad paying a lot for a very neutral palette. Then I got my hands on this @makeupforeverofficial #12flashcolorcase which is not as good quality as Milk makeup, but allowed me to get my hands on more colors. And finally, I got the @chanelofficial palette in #268candeuretexperience which is awesome #matte palette w a combination of this beautiful #burgundyshadow and natural #browneyeshadows making it both a #luxury and #practicalpurchase, allowing me to feel less bad about the #splurge. #makeupevolution #sfmakeup #makeuplover #mymakeupcollection